Implanted Audiological System

Implanted Audiological System

For a large company in the international market, their flagship product was voluntarily recalled and efforts to solve the issue were not going well. The organization was running several concurrent projects– without a leader to manage the overall effort. Waddell Group provided a team to lead the group of projects that involved a facility move, new product development, an updated quality system, the analysis of the product issue, and the solution to the technical problem.

In addition to assisting with the organization of each project and aligning them to work in sync, Waddell Group also needed to share status and planning information across the company. Working with nearly 300 individuals at all levels of the company, and in departments ranging from regulatory to technical to marketing– was a huge task.

To manage the complex communications across groups, priorities, and project timelines, we arranged a core ring of communication. We then hosted weekly meetings with each group, distributed weekly reports to all staff, and shared relevant weekly updates with specific groups. Because each project was key, and they relied on one another to fulfill the overall objective, this level of communication was integral to each project’s success as well as the overarching project completion.

The company successfully re-introduced the recalled product to market very quickly after the technical issues were solved. In addition, the quality system was improved and the manufacturing processes in the new facility are set up in a way to ensure such a recall would not occur in any near future.

Date: 12 May, 2016

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